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Congratulations to Drs. Gundela Hachmann and Carmela Mattza for receiving tenure!  

Dr. Rafael Orozco was recently interviewed by a journalist from The Bogotá Post about the evolution of Colombian Spanish. The Bogotá Post enlisted the help of Dr. Orozco to understand how words enter into a vocabulary and why Spanish in Bogotá is so neutral sounding. Click here to read the article. Dr. Orozco can be reached at

Dr. Elena Castro has been selected as a Fellow of the 2017/2018 SEC Academic Leadership Development Program. The mission of this program is to identify administrators who have the potential to impact all of higher education now and in the future and to prepare them for the next phase of their careers. Click HERE to view the complete roster of 2017/2018 SECU Fellows. Dr. Castro can be reached at

Dr. Raymond Stock has been quoted in the September issue of Source, the journal of the literary division of the American Translators Association. The article in which he is quoated is by Patrick Saari, "Naguib Mahfouz: Cairo, Arabic, and World Literature." Dr. Stock can be reached at

Dr. Rafael Orozco has been invited to be the keynote speaker for the July 2017 Conference of the Asociación de Linguistica y Filologia de América Latina at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia. This event constitutes the largest Hispanic Lingusitics conference in the world. It attracts several hundred scholars from all over the Hispanic world and beyond. Dr. Orozco can be reached at

Ms. Lan Zhe, Instructor .of Mandarin Chinese, attained the status of being the first and only Certified Court Interpreter of Mandarin Chinese in the state of Louisiana by passing the Court Interpreter Oral Examination developed by the National Center for State Courts which included sight translation, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. This is the highest level obtainable for a court interpreter of Mandarin Chinese in the U.S. She was sworn in and awarded the Court Interpreter Certificate at the Louisiana Supreme Court in New Orleans in October 2016. Ms. Zhe can be reached at

Dr. Raymond Stock, Instructor of Arabic, has been quoted in the Spanish journal ABC about Egypt's official neglect of the tenth anniversary of the passing of Naguib Mahfouz, Egypt's Nobel laureate in literature - many of whose works he has has translated and whose biography he is writing for Farrar, Straus, & Giroux in New York. Dr. Stock may be reached at

Dr. Laura Martins, Associate Professor of Spanish, has won the 2016 Tiger Athletic Foundation President's Award. This award recognizes faculty members for outstanding contributions to undergradaute education. Dr. Martins can be reached at

Dr. Paolo Chirumbolo, Associate Professor of Itailan, will be presenting The Representation of (Post) Work in Contemporary Italian Documentary Film Making at the 2016 Reynolda Film Festival, Thursday, March 31. The Reynolda Film Festival executive board is excited to collaborate with The Italian Program, Wake Forest Film Studies, and the Office for Global Affairs to present a talk focusing on contemporary Italian documentaries and an examination of how Italian filmmakers are addressing and portraying the changing conditions of work in Italy.  Special guest, Dr. Paolo Chirumbolo will discuss and analyze works by Ascanio Celestini, Daniele Atzeni, Mimmo Calopresti and other contemporary filmmakers. Dr. Chirumbolo can be reached at

Dr. Raymond Stock, Instructor of Arabic, recently participated in a January 22, 2016 televised debate with Egyptian-American pro-Muslim Brotherhood activist Mohammed Soltan on the al-Jazeera English program Upfront hosted by Mehdi Hasan.  Click here to view the debate. The debate, Is Egypt better off under Sisi, was for the fifth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.  Dr. Stock can be reached at




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Summer Session A

June 4 - summer classes begin

June 6 - Last day to drop a class w/o a "W"

June 7  - Last day to add or change sections of a class

July 2 - Mid-tern grades due

July 4 - Independence Day holiday

July 10 - Final day to drop a class

July 23 - classes end

July 25 - Final exams begin

July 26 - Final exams end

July 31 - Degree candidate final grades due

August 1 - Non-degree final grades due


Summer Session B

June 4 - summer classes begin

June 6 - Last day to drop a class w/o a "W"

June 7  - Last day to add or change sections of a class

June 26 - Final date to drop a class

July 4 - Independence Day holiday

July 6  - Classes end

July 7 - Final exam period

July 11 - All final grades due

August 3 - Summer Commencement




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