School of Theatre Student Season Submission Form


Each year, the School of Theatre solicits play submissions from students, faculty and staff for its upcoming LSU Theatre and Swine Palace seasons. As part of the application process, we ask you to not only provide basic information about the play, but also to answer several questions which address criteria the School considers essential when making programming decisions.  .Please review the LSU Theatre Programming Criteria carefully when submitting your recommendations.   Students may submit plays for consideration by completing the form below.  The School will be accepting submissions through Monday, October 8.

 Each year, we receive many thoughtful proposals from students and as you may know the recent production of LMNOP was submitted through the LSU Theatre Student Submission process.  So, while every season does not include a student submitted production, please know that each of the submissions is carefully considered.  If you have questions about the submission process, please contact Kristin Sosnowsky at

Please note:  This form should not be used for Lab Season proposals.  There will be a separate call for proposals for the Lab Season later this semester.