Hurricane Katrina in Pictures


When Hurricane Katrina made landfall on August 29, 2005, it forever changed the landscape of the Gulf Coast, and not just physically. Hurricane Katrina had a direct impact on how we prepare and respond to disasters, especially regarding animals. The entire world watched as we rescued stranded animals, provided medical care for them and helped their owners. Below are images of the animal shelter at the LSU AgCenter John M. Parker Coliseum on LSU's campus, rescues done throughout south Louisiana and some of our amazing volunteers who came from across the U.S. to help.


Helping People and Animals Following Hurricane Katrina (video courtesy of Bayer Animal Health)


Molly the Pony's Story



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View of the arena floor with rows and rows of dog kennels.Volunteers, pet owners and animals in the arena.Dogs in kennels on the arena floor.,A volunteer walks among kennels with cats.

Another view of the arena floor with hundreds of kennels.Kennels line the corridors.A young woman with her pet duck named McDuck.A large tortoise in a baby pool filled with hay.

Volunteers gathered around to get their assignments.Volunteers in the command center.Volunteers at the animal check-in table.Volunteers from Cornell University's veterinary school treat a dog.

Volunteers prepare medical supplies for animals.Veterinarians examine a cat in the triage area.A veterinary student comforts a dog.


A pavilion at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.Stacks of donated supplies such as pet food and kitty litter.Three volunteers help load a rescued horse into a trailer.A few members of the LSU Horse Rescue Team.

A veterinarian examines a horse.Kennels with dogs and other animals.A volunteer walks a dog.A boy standing next to his horse.