Public Education and Outreach | LSU Campus Sustainability


Teaching Preschoolers about Recycling

photo: teaching students about recycling

In October 2015, LSU Campus Sustainability provided a recycling lesson to classes in the LSU Child Development Laboratory Preschool.  The kids were extremely bright and already knew a good bit about what things can be recycled vs. what needs to be put in the trash.  Limited landfill space was discussed as well as the option to compost some types of food scraps.






Stormwater Pollution Prevention Education

photo: uhigh student

In October 2014, LSU Campus Sustainability and the U-High high school seniors placed more than 100 “Do Not Dump” plaques on storm drains all around the Lab School campus and around other parts of LSU.  The seniors learned about stormwater pollution – how it happens, and how it’s avoided, and then took part in the activity to increase awareness of pollution prevention at their own school.